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The Game-Keeper 3 is an entertainment center type automation and management system. It allows you to add magnetic card activated device to factory coin slot operated game machines, amusement centers and other game-service areas. The essential purpose of the system is to ensure all payments with debit cards by replacing old tokens with plastic cards. It is a software and hardware complex solution for optimization of slot machine halls, and automation of ticket sales in game facilities.

Game machine is usually a finished device operating with coins. Game-Keeper hardware (controller, display and card reader) to be installed inside of it replacing coin slot (might be added to as well). Instead of coins or tokens, a guest buys a magnetic card with the number of points required to start the game. Points are made equal to money in a certain ratio. Accounts can be replenished at the cash registers of game centers, cash kiosks, or R-Keeper 7 cash registers (in a café, restaurant, or bar). In order to enter the game area or funfair, a player passes a card over a card reader connected to the turnstile or game machine. If the balance is positive, points are charged from the account under the fixed tariff rate of a machine or access.

On customer personal card account the system stores currencies separately: game points and prize tickets balance may be limited by the usage purpose. It is possible to pay points for restaurant, bar, café and other services within the R-Keeper cash registers, and to receive bonus points when paying at the R-Keeper cash register; bonus points are added up to the accumulated game points.

Game-Keeper 3 provides you realtime control over the game price, using a differentiated tariffs depending on the type of machine, date and time, guest cads type, his personal loyalty program, etc. You are able to manage and control machines in real time, because changes in database go immediately after command from application and the whole system uses one and the same DB.

Report module allows user to get detailed reports on the working processes and used equipment that provide information to be used for efficient pricing policy and promotions. Debit cards technology allows to realize various club programs, to personalize important guests, to increase guest loyalty by giving extra bonuses, discounts.

The system uses debit payment type. Game-Keeper 3 provides control over all card transactions not only for stuff on POS, but for client also (Kiosk application for customer self-service is available).

Game-Keeper 3 supports ticker eater automation for transfer of tickets won to the client card account, and exchange to a prize in store;

Technical advantages:

  • Game controller has additional port for printer connection, which allows you to issue documents for clients if necessary;
  • A card cannot be counterfeited, because it stores a random code;
  • Data storage is made in MS SQL format, which is well-known all over the world and provides facilities for getting reports and export data to other systems;
  • The Microsoft SQL server, used for storing the database, is safe and reliable;
  • The ability to work with debit cards and tickets at the same time.
  • Connectability with R-Keeper 7

With a centralized debit cards database, it is possible to manage the chain of game complexes together. Several game and entertainment centers can use a common payment system by connecting to the central server over the internet.