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Mobile waiter is the additional module to R-Keeper 7.

Simplicity of using, convenience of information access, and minor sizes allowed mobile devices to get confidence not only as a personal helper but also as a reliable and convenient device for work.

UCS represents to the market mobile solutions revolutionary in price, accessibility and convenience, based on device from Apple Company - iPod touch, and Windows CE PDA.


As opposed to traditional technologies of the order reception, using electronic waiter notepads in servicing of the visitors of the restaurant has the following advantages:

  • Number of user operations on order entry into the system is reduced
  • Increasing of service speed, reducing of ticket-time, increasing of table turnover and improvement of service quality
  • Order save goes directly near the table, gives opportunity to accurate the order in proper time and leads to reducing a number of mistakes by forming it
  • Portable terminals are indispensable for restaurants where wire installation of computer net is impossible (interior doesn't make it possible or works in cable packing are impossible) or unreasonable (for example, on summer areas)
  • hereby, waiter having a mobile terminal takes an order directly near the table, supplying by that ultimate speed of order taking and its accuracy, working with operational data from cash system about presence on offer of concrete dishes and active stock. Waiter doesn't spend time on the way to the table and waiting for his turn near the stationary terminal, on carrying over the order from the notebook list to the POS system but he serves guests!
  • Mobile waiter terminal by UCS Company helps to solve long delays in taking order and paying the bill

Mobile device works over network “access point” with Wi-Fi.