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R-Keeper 7 - is an innovative, reliable and user-friendly product created for catering enterprises, implemented with a number of useful functions and capabilities. It is designed for standalone restaurants, restaurant chains, cafes and clubs.

R-Keeper CRM 5 - is a professional and powerful system for customer relations automation and management for the food service enterprises, designed for cafes, fast foods, bars, and clubs. The system allows you to have your own currency convertible to food in any restaurant of the chain all over the world.

Rk-Order - is an innovative, reliable and user-friendly electronic menu product created as additional module for R-Keeper 7 system. It has number of useful social network functions and capabilities additional to restaurant menu. Your client can save order without help of waiter and add dishes to his order later.

Mobile waiter - is a mobile, compact and space-saving device performing as much functions as a traditional accounting system. It is designed for small turnover food service enterprises: small cafes, bars, billiard rooms, fast foods, and canteens.

StoreHouse 4 - is an accounting system for a convenient administration of hospitality, catering, entertainment enterprise stock, remainders and food sales; for the analysis of sales by suppliers; and for many other important functions necessary for everyday work.

R-Keeper Delivery 3 - is a food delivery management system for controlling the food delivery process, which includes acceptance of the order, its preparation, and delivery to a client. This system also fits call center for chain restaurants.

Video control 2 - is a security and management system for extended control over point of sale work processes, which accumulates for comparison video data and text data coming from R-Keeper 7. It is possible to call video from reports by specified event.

Shelter 2 - hotel processes automation system, which includes front and back office applications and hardware supporting interfaces.

Game-Keeper 3 - solution allows use of one card to pay in game machine halls, automate ticket issuing and counting, sell goods in bar.