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R-Keeper CRM

R-keeper CRM System helps to automate marketing companies, loyalty programs, increase level of customer service (there is full information about clients and history of work with them). The system allows on base of the previous data make analysis of enterprise work and build plans for the future, increase enterprise sales.

R-keeper CRM System can:

  • use as means of payment personal payment cards (your own currency for clients)
  • assign discount to guest cards and profiles
  • charge bonuses on guest cards
  • centralize management of personal guest cards
  • automaticsms and e-mail mailer
  • save client personal info in profile

R-keeper CRM System forms clients base. By client adding personal information is filled, which can be used for making analytic reports, mailers (e-mails, posts), determining relatives with other clients. Client card are determined by account or several accounts (bonus, discount, debit, credit and etc.) and is determined how will this account work in this system (work schedule, charge off/ charge percent for this account).

Personal client card can combine functions of discount, bonus and payment card.

R-keeper CRM system integrates with various Software: R-Keeper 7, Game-Keeper 3, Delivery 3. So, guest who already has one card can use it not only in 1 place or service type. You may use various schemes of tariffication depending on where this card is used.