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R-Keeper Delivery

R-Keeper Delivery system is specially designed to perform restaurant food delivery service.

R-Keeper Delivery consists of the following modules: Manager module, Operator module, Dispatcher module. Delivery software is the additional part of the R-Keeper system.

The main function of an operator is to quickly receive an order by phone or e-mail, and pass it over to production to the Dispatcher module. When receiving an order, a guest can have discounts if he has a discount card or other privileges. The system allows you to view the history of guest's orders, the list of most frequently ordered dishes, or to add a new order easily.

This module provides control over order realization. An order gets to the Dispatcher program list, where it remains suspended until it is sent to printing in the kitchen. An order can be sent to production manually, or automatically when it is ready for production. A user-friendly graphical interface enables to track down those orders that are ready for delivery. To deliver an order to the client, an operator designates a driver (dispatcher) and prints out an invoice if necessary. Among other functions, the dispatcher is responsible for marking the order execution which will be used in statistics, and registering the client refusals.

Different Order payment methods are supported.

Program has blacklist for customers on the blacklist, if a customer, e.g. deliberately gave false address or phone number information. The system includes all the necessary reports to hold comprehensive control over the whole.