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Rk-Order  is the new format of dish ordering from the restaurant menu.

This is the cutting-edge research of UCS engineers, designed on the basis of the popular tablet computer iPad developed by Apple. In fact it plays the role of the electronic menu.


Information transfer from the paper menu on the electronic device allows implementing the following functionality of the current technology:

  • Dish pictures displaying on the screen of the tablet computer. Guest can see these photos in great details, read comments of those, who already tried it. Photos, descriptions, dish prices can be refreshed in the on-line mode
  • Order entering by guest without any assistance from the waiter's side. By order submitting it appears at the waiter station, then the waiter confirms it, and only after that the order goes for the service printing
  • Realization of the context help system that is aimed to help guests in the dish selection process (for example it might offer a wine to the main course)
  • Presence of feedback from guests of the restaurant. A guest has an opportunity to estimate the selected dish, staff serving, share his/her general impression of the restaurant. Besides guests can write a comment on the operation of the restaurant that will be sent in the electronic form directly to the restaurant owner
  • It is very easy to implement waiter call up to the guests' table, the equivalent of the paging system, on the basis of the offered system
  • It takes from the device about 40 minutes in order to be fully charged, while its operating time takes 6-8 hours. The device body is made of durable materials and has protection against moisture penetration. Besides the device has particular software engineering changes that will protect iPad from stealing.