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Shelter 2 is the software convenient for all types of hotels, because it is made of key elements and additional components, thus a small hotel can purchase the main element of the software, while a bigger one can purchase all necessary additional functions, programs and equipment.

The main part of the system allows you to store all the necessary data about a hotel; to perform operations necessary for a hotel administrator; to register order reservation of organizations, groups and corporations; to connect a computer cash register to a hotel software; and to generate reports necessary for everyday operations of a hotel.

Other additional elements can be chosen according to client needs. Additional elements enable to administrate the phone call system, events, online reservations, lock system, internet and TV rating, mini-bar and the interface to R-Keeper.  The Shelter system is flexible, easy to use, and has many advantages. Possibilities are the following:

  • The ability to choose the language of the user interface
  • A flexible acceptance of individual and group orders
  • Booking a hotel room online
  • A flexible system of discounts, with the ability to control the discount rights, and to identify an employee who gave a discount
  • For an individual reservation, to use or not the rates assigned to a chosen organization
  • A special and very convenient fast client search
  • Possibility to print out the report forms from the room timetables by the desired guest list (arriving/departing guests, staying guests, etc.)
  • Easy and fast settlement with guests for services rendered
  • Making out and cancelling credit/debit advance accounts and credit/debit invoices under the laws of a country
  • A simple accounting of advance payments is realized in the software
  • The software allows easy planning of maids work schedule
  • The software supports the integration with the conference-events program. The software enables to receive operative financial, statistical and forecast reports
  • Functional registration of the guest cars