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Solutions for entertainment

Solutions for entertainment

UCS offers systems designed for the entertainment sector that allow controlling the visitor flow, and automate game machine payments.

It is possible to use common currency "tickets" charged to client card balance to pay for all types of game center services: game machines, playgrounds, toys in shop. The system automates all parts of the leisure, entertainment companies.

Game-Keeper system has integration ability with cafe (R-Keeper) and stock (StoreHouse) programs.

Most popular products for entertainment:

Game-Keeper - solution allows use of one card to pay in game machine halls, automate ticket issuing and counting, sell goods in bar.

R-Keeper - full-featured software package for game center bar automation. It has payment redirection to Game-Keeper 3 abilities.

StoreHouse - accounting system for administration of game center stock, in and out consumables flow control.

Most popular hardware equipment for entertainment:

POS terminals - professional computers designed to install POS software, made with touch screen and ports for additional equipment connection.

Printers - special roll thermal print device, reliable and fast, made to issue documents in POS system.

Readers - input device that makes it possible to accept cards, other magnetic keys on POS terminal.

Magnetic cards - electronic identity for game center employee and clients. To be used with readers on POS.