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Solutions for restaurants

Solutions for restaurants

UCS provides solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and other catering establishments. Experienced and skilled professionals evaluate client’s needs, and offer the best solution.

R-Keeper solutions are designed to improve productivity and efficiency of a restaurant, cafe, and bar or club staff; to provide better and faster service for the guests; and to help managers to plan and control the work of their staff more effectively while taking appropriate business decisions.

UCS solutions are reliable due to the great experience in cooperating with thousands of restaurants. We are constantly striving to present to the market modern solutions based on cutting-edge technologies that make our clients more attractive and superior to other participants of the market.

R-Keeper is a reliable software product that allows you to facilitate your restaurant business. Its scalable configuration can be adjusted to any type of enterprise, whether it is local, regional or global. With this universal information management system, operating of independent or chain property can be monitored and analyzed.

Most popular software products for catering:

R-Keeper - is an innovative, reliable and user-friendly product created with the help of experience in developing the earlier R-Keeper programs, and implemented with a number of useful functions and capabilities. It is designed for standalone restaurants, restaurant chains, cafes and clubs.

R-Keeper CRM - is a professional and powerful system for customer relations automation and management for the food service enterprises, designed for cafes, fast foods, bars, and clubs. The system allows you to have your own currency convertible to food in any restaurant of the chain all over the world.

Rk-Order - is an innovative, reliable and user-friendly electronic menu product created as additional module for R-Keeper 7 system. It has number of useful social network functions and capabilities additional to restaurant menu. Your client can save order without help of waiter and add dishes to his order later.

Mobile waiter - is a mobile, compact and space-saving device performing as much functions as a traditional accounting system. It is designed for small turnover food service enterprises: small cafes, bars, billiard rooms, fast foods, and canteens.

StoreHouse - is an accounting system for a convenient administration of food service enterprise stock, remainders and food sales; for the analysis of sales by suppliers; and for many other important functions necessary for everyday work.

R-Keeper Delivery - is a food delivery management system for controlling the food delivery process, which includes acceptance of the order, its preparation, and delivery to a client. This system also fits call center for chain restaurants.

Video control - is a security and management system for extended control over point of sale work processes, which accumulates for comparison video data and text data coming from R-Keeper 7. It is possible to call video from reports by specified event.


Most popular hardware equipment for catering:

POS terminals - professional computers designed to install R-Keeper software, made with touch screen and ports for additional equipment connection.

Printers - special roll thermal print device, reliable and fast, made to issue documents in R-Keeper 7 system.

Displays - LCD or VFD with various screen size made to show order information on customer side of POS terminal.

Readers - input device that makes it possible to accept cards, other magnetic keys on POS terminal.

Scales - to weight dishes sold per unit of weight or make inventory on POS.

Cash drawers - to keep money in cash during cashier shift. POS software will open that automatically on preset operations.

Handheld terminals - allow waiter to take orders and save directly from customer table without rewriting data from paper, and initiate printing of documents.

Magnetic cards - electronic identity for restaurant employee and clients. To be used with readers on POS.