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StoreHouse 4 is the efficient and user-friendly stock accounting system. The system provides easy management of product remains in catering establishments, food sales, analysis of sales by suppliers, and allows you to perform many other important functions necessary for your daily work.

Manual accounting of a restaurant's storage has become a thing of the past. The use of specialized software has become quite common these days.

Functional capabilities of the system:

  • Complete accounting of the products movement (receipting, expenditure, gathering, etc.)
  • Dish calculation (automatic cost calculation)
  • Fully automated products subtraction on the grounds of dish realization, using alternative products, or without them; Stocktaking (semi-products inventory)
  • Entering and storing data on all products engaged in production; measure units, correspondents, currencies, sales tax, etc.
  • Data exchange using Store House Head Office.

There are many reports can be formed in the Store House system.

StoreHouse advantages:

  • The system is very fast: the data collected throughout several years do not slow down the system operation
  • This solution is user-friendly, because it is not necessary to make additional calculation cards, as a product is immediately and sold (without executing any industrial processes to the product)
  • There is a capability of subtracting only those products that have been used, i.e. if a guest asked to exclude some products from his/her dish during ordering
  • The user can edit printing forms, so it is very easy to adapt them to specific customer needs