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Video control

Video surveillance system in restaurant was traditionally aimed to prevent thefts of visitors and personal belongings and also aimed at general control of staff movements.

It is event-trigger video surveillance system with analysis of cash operations that helps efficiently reveal and prevent staffs misuse and control its work in detail, including post factum.

The system of cash operations control is made for integration of video surveillance results into standard module of R-Keeper 7 reports. Using usual system interface user gets a possibility to analyze important accumulative data of the system with using video fragments.

Video surveillance system consists of hardware and software parts.

Hardware part produces digital video and audio surveillance and software matches texts of cash operations and actions in restaurant information system with video imaging.

There are many significant operations with orders saved – closing, saving, deleting and also operations made by hall managers – deleting, transferings, orders examination etc.

Colorful viewing of each window is set by user independently.

Off-line mode of video surveillance system is integrated into standard R-keeper reports.

For looking through the video it's enough to use context menu and choose the necessary operation.